The high hardness, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent chemical inertness and red hardness of the XR-D coating make it have the incomparable effect in the die-casting molding industry, and help mold solve the problem of mucous membrane and erosion, delaying the onset of cracking.


Xr-s coating with high hardness and self-lubrication is the most ideal protective coating for metal stamping dies. It is suitable for all metal stamping, drawing and bending industries.


Xr-i coating, which has high hardness, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, and a variety of color options, in the promotion of injection mold excellent performance.


The XR-DLC coating has very high hardness, very low friction Coefficient and physical non-viscosity, it's a great choice for cutting, Non-ferrous metal, engineering plastics, graphite, plexiglass, circuit boards, aerospace materials, and injection mold wear protection.



Dongguan Linchen Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is a ceramic coating processing service company established by introducing new coating technology from abroad on the basis of Dongguan XURUI precision tool coating center.

Linchen nanotechnology is the leading supplier of PVD ceramic coating in the industry, with 10 years of coating production experience. Our ceramic coating is brand "x R". It is ultra-thin and super hard, which can significantly reduce friction and wear. It can significantly improve the performance and service life of various molds, metal and plastic processing tools.

"Service, innovation and integrity" is the core business of Linchen company. Today, let's work together to create a better tomorrow!

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4G-CAE CATHODE ARC technology

4G-CAE is an ARC technology driven by compound magnetic field. Compared with common arc, 4G-CAE has the characteristics of fine film-forming, more luster, good film density and no liquid drop.

Technical Merit:
s5-6.pngUnder the drive of the strong variable magnetic field, the arc spot runs faster and each arc spot is finer. More arc spots, thus reducing the size of "micro drops" and the number of large drops, so that the coating is more delicate and shiny, compact;
s5-6.pngWith the change of electric field intensity and frequency, the plasma produced near the target surface by the cathode arc will be pushed to the coating area, which greatly increases the plasma density in the vacuum chamber, the environment and condition of reaction ion plating were improved;
s5-6.pngHigh deposition rate;
s5-6.pngHigh Ionization rate and good adhesion between the film and the substrate;

Gas Ion etching and auxiliary deposition technology of GISETCH

Gisetch is the proprietary technology developed by Linchen company after years of technology precipitation. It is the gas ions (AR + and H +) produced by GIS. Under the action of the power plant, the surface of the product is etched and cleaned. Compared with the traditional metal ions Ti + and CR + etching cleaning, has more advantages:

·  Before coating, Gis gas ion source is used to ionize the gas (including hydrogen, oxygen, helium) , and the resulting gas ion is used to Etch, clean and activate the surface of the workpiece to improve the adhesion of coating;

  ·  During the coating process, gas (including hydrogen, oxygen and helium) is ionized by GIS gas ion source, and the activity of reactive coating is improved by magnetron sputtering and arc plating。

Technical Merit:

s5-6.pngWide Energy Range, can be strong or weak, easy to control;
s5-6.pngThe working area is evenly distributed and the etching effect is uniform;
s5-6.pngThere is no metal droplet deposition during the etching cleaning process, and the film has better finish;
s5-6.pngThrough a special process, effectively remove the vacuum chamber residual gas, improve the coating environment。